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Reflections from the War Expo

At a local organization’s event yesterday, it was both encouraging and inspiring to see such an impact being made locally and around the world by another Christian organization that started only ten or so years ago. God is moving people to “get their hands dirty” and join fight against sex trafficking and there are so many great organizations and ministries that are doing it.

In her address to the guests present, the organization’s president stated that while she appreciates a financial contribution, her plea was for action. It’s awesome to know that others realize that we are not in competition. We’re all partners and warriors on the same battle front. And God is not limited in His resources…unless we limit Him by our own thinking. We serve the amazingly BIG God of the entire universe! There is no “robbing Peter to pay Paul” when God is behind something and it was refreshing to know that there are other organizations who are fighting alongside 1saved.

The most impacting part of the evening by far was watching a young Thai girl perform a dance which symbolized her life. She was radiant. She danced with confidence and truly showed us all a picture of redemption from the pits to new life in Christ. That’s what it is all about.