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Great Affirmation of God’s Work in The Philippines

Just received a general message from Gary Haugen (President of IJM) today. In it, he acknowledges the fact that Pampanga may be the most difficult fight for IJM yet. However, there is hope for light to break through the darkness as IJM just completed their first rescue operation there!

He goes on the tell the story about Josie, one of the rescued victims, who “just testified powerfully and boldly in court against the traffickers who tricked, trapped and exploited her. She was clear and confident. But it’s at the aftercare home where her real personality comes out. Those who know her say she is shy and funny— she and the other girls laugh and joke around together.”

This is the exact kind of story can come to fruition through our ministry at 1saved. With the location we’re planning, we can bring in rescued girls like Josie from both Manila and Pampanga and see them find new life and transform truly from the inside out.