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Brothel & Safehome Trip to Nicaragua

We spent the third week of January in Nicaragua with 23 other doctors, dentists, nurses, and general healthcare providers. Our home base during the trip was House of Hope, a faith-based aftercare facility for women and children who have either been rescued out of or chosen to leave prostitution. It was an amazing time of seeing God move. Spiritual warfare was certainly at play during the trip, but the darkness could not overcome the light. God certainly won the week.

On Sunday (our first full day in Nicaragua), we traveled to one of the darkest portions of the country and entered several brothels to pray with the prostitutes working there and to invite them to the medical/dental clinic we would be running from Monday to Thursday that week. House of Hope has seen numerous women choose to leave prostitution and come to their aftercare facility as a result of these brothel visits. We were shocked at the number of women who were willing to let us pray for them—and at the number of women who showed up at the clinic. In all, our team cared for about 600-700 patients that week.

We also provided medical and dental care for House of Hope residents. By far the highlight of the week was sharing the gospel and praying with 15-year-old Juanita, a House of Hope resident whose mom had come out of prostitution, as she made Christ the Lord of her life! During the course of the week, 6 people accepted Christ while getting healthcare at the clinic. Praise the Lord!

It was a tremendous blessing to have the opportunity to share the good news with some of those trapped in the darkest places of our world and also to get educated on how a high-quality aftercare center is run so that we can make our homes the best they can be. A huge thank you to our prayer partners who lifted us up during our time in Nicaragua.