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Praise God for Our Government


Say what you will about any aspect of the United States government. But today I am praising God for the fact that our government officials seek to enforce the law when it comes to child sex trafficking. The challenge of sex trafficking in many countries is that the government and/or police are corrupt and impossible to deal with. But here, the first person from West Michigan to be federally prosecuted for child sex trafficking was convicted yesterday on three counts. He faces anywhere from 10 years to life in prison.

When governments exact justice, it makes me feel joyful on the inside. It’s in our nature to approve of justice and hate injustice. But who defines the right and wrong? Why does the majority of the entire world seem to agree on certain moral issues? This ultimately points us all to God and to His very nature.

Paul states in Romans that God’s divine nature can be clearly perceived in creation. Unfortunately, we cannot know what the solution to our problem is from merely observing nature. So in our futility, we resolve to comparison and rule-making. It’s either “I’m not as bad as that guy,” or “I follow the rules,” and we hope this leads us to eternal glory with our holy and just creator. Outside of an act of God’s love and mercy, most people perceive that if their good outweighs their bad according to their own flawed judgment of their hearts, they will get into heaven.

So if Eddie Jackson’s defense came to court with, “Well your honor, Eddie didn’t murder anyone or even steal and he didn’t traffick as many girls as this other guy, so you should declare him innocent,” the defense would have been laughed out of the courtroom. Eddie’s only hope to escape punishment is Jesus. So is mine. So is yours.

But the glory of the gospel is that it does not stop with merely escaping hell or being declared righteous–as mind-blowing as those two things are–we get God…FOREVER. We get to share in the pure joy of right relationship with God for eternity. Pure love. Pure peace. Pure justice. All thanks to our savior king, Jesus Christ.