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A Year To Remember

This year, our dream became a reality at One Saved as the first “one” was saved from a cybersex den in The Philippines. We have trusted God’s leading for the last five years and now, a harvest is coming. With the rescue and continued restoration of our first client, “Abby,” we can finally begin the important work of showing her and telling her about the good news of God’s salvation in Jesus!

Abby is pictured here attending her first church service at our local church partner just two weeks after her rescue. Now that God has provided one saved, we are looking forward to a 2018 of many more girls! Please join us in our own New Year’s resolution to see many more girls freed from online sexual exploitation (OSEC) in The Philippines and usher them into a relationship with the God who loves with an unbelievable, unshakeable, unconditional, forever love!