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Anti-human Trafficking Awareness Day

Human trafficking is the great humanitarian issue of our day and people in the West need to know how prevalent it is in different areas of the world as well as in our own backyards. These two worlds collide in the form of sex tourism, sex trafficking of minors, and cyber sex trafficking.

Cybersex trafficking (online sexual exploitation of children or OSEC) occurs when pedophiles from first world countries log on to an internet site, wire money to a perpetrator who will then force children to perform sexual acts in front of a webcam while being directed by the pedophile across the world. This could be happening in your nice suburban neighborhood. The average child being abused in this form is under 12 years old and female. But boys and younger children are becoming more common victims rescued than ever before.

There is and always will be a high demand from people with money for sexual control over people without.


In the Philippines, cybersex trafficking is rampant. There is and always will be a high demand from people (especially men) with money for sexual control over people without. The perfect storm happens in The Philippines naturally because of three reasons: 1) the country is largely English-speaking, 2) the country is third world, impoverished, and over-populated, and 3) there is a readily available and affordable internet in most parts of the country.

In the region of the Philippines where Rahab’s House, the 1Saved aftercare shelter, is located there is already a culture of prostitution and child sex trafficking. These children need to know that there’s freedom and hope! After being rescued from earthly slavery & abuse, the children of Rahab’s House learn of the true freedom and true hope in the gospel of Jesus Christ. True change is happening and the kingdom of God is spreading to new hearts and lives! But there is a lot of work to do yet.

Please partner with us and we partner with the mission of God to bring these girls out of the pit and setting their feet upon the rock.

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