What We Do

1Saved exists to see the kingdom of God breaking into the darkest places on earth, and to see the Holy Spirit work in the lives of children rescued out of sex trafficking. We have a passion to share the good news of the gospel with these precious little ones.

At present, we have one gospel-centered aftercare facility in Southeast Asia. This home provides children who have been trafficked with a safe place to heal, receive high-quality psychological and medical care, and, most importantly, be shown the love of Christ and given an opportunity to find true freedom through a personal relationship with Him.

What Sets Us Apart

First, the gospel message is the center of our aftercare facilities. This means more than just showing the love of Christ to the children we care for. It means intentionally sharing the gospel with them and making Christ the center of every dimension of their healing journey.

Second, we are a 100% volunteer-run organization in the USA. This allows every dollar you donate to be maximized for the direct combating of child sex trafficking.