The Gospel

We believe in the gospel (or good news) of Jesus Christ

The Gospel has two main aspects:

      1. The Gospel of the Kingdom: The story of God redeeming His kingdom–buying back his special people to live in his special place so that they can experience his blessing through his presence with them and his rule over them and be a blessing to the world. It began with God’s perfect creation in the beginning which was then plunged into sin and chaos by the first man’s disobedience and continues with every generation. All of human history ultimately culminated in God stepping down to be with us in the form of Jesus Christ. His perfect life and sacrificial death made the payment for sin, His resurrection declared victory over sin, and His second coming will pronounce the end of all suffering, weeping, and the final restoration of God’s good creation for His children and ultimately His glory.
      2. The Gospel of the Cross: All of human history prior to Jesus only served to show us our need for Jesus. In the person of Jesus Christ, the life we were meant to live is achieved and the death we all deserve is paid by his innocent blood on the cross. Now, the free gift of salvation is offered to all who believe in him. It asks nothing, but requires everything. It’s about surrendering your will and accepting God’s will. It’s about dying to your old self and accepting new life in Christ.

The Glory of God in the Christian Life:

Through a life truly surrendered to God, a Christian becomes a light to the world proclaiming the kingdom of God through word and deed. A Christ follower experiences freedom from condemnation, guilt, and shame—no matter what has happened or happens in this life. A Christ follower experiences things like love, joy, and peace that come from the indwelling Spirit of God and cannot be experienced through self-help, self-actualization, self-effort, self-indulgence, the American Dream, climbing the corporate ladder, or any other avenue the world would have us pursue.

God is glorified in the Christian when he or she examples love, humility, grace, contentment, justice, and reverence for God. We were all made for our Creator God and when we make His beauty and majesty known to the world, we fulfill our call and in turn, are fulfilled by the One who formed our inmost being.